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best kayaks for beginners 2017

Inflatable Kayak Vs Rigid Kayak – Which is Better?

Are you looking to buy a kayak but are trying to decide which is better for you, Inflatable kayak vs rigid kayak? Buying a kayak for the first time is very exciting. You may have rented one a few times or borrowed one from a friend. You more than have done some bit of research already and are wondering if you should buy a hard-shelled kayak, also known as a rigid kayak or the increasingly popular inflatable kayak.  You will need to consider what you are looking to do, is it kayak fishing, white water rafting to just your basic recreational kayak you will use from time to time and family trips.

Hard-Shelled Kayaks

inflatable kayak vs rigid kayak

Plastic kayaks are typically the least expensive of all of the rigid kayaks; and the most commonly used by beginners. However, Rigid Kayaks are very heavy and awkward to transport, unless you live right by the sea or lake of course. Plastic hard-shelled kayaks are usually best for beginners, largely due to their cheap low entry prices. Along with being very reasonably priced (In most cases), they are strong and durable for beginners. They are designed to withstand a few knocks and bump.  However, be aware that when hard-shelled kayaks sustain some damage, they can be expensive to fix.

Inflatable Kayaks

inflatable kayak vs rigid kayak

Inflatable kayaks are quite possibly the best choice and most cost effective way for someone to get started in kayaking.  For someone who has never owned a kayak before, it’s a great starting point to find what type of kayaking you plan to do and how often you do it. Inflatable kayaks are very popular for another of reasons. They are cheap, lightweight, and most importantly, they are extremely portable. An inflatable kayak can begin as a small carry bag no bigger than a grocery bag and transform into an amazing 12 foot kayak. Inflatable kayaks have grown so much in popularity that they now are designed for all types of kayaking, whether its recreational kayaking, white water kayaking or kayak fishing. The prices of inflatable kayaks are generally cheaper than that of hard-shelled kayaks and in recent years have become extremely strong and durable.  There are a lot of different opinions on which is better, an inflatable kayak or standard hard shelled plastic kayak, each has their pros and cons, and each would suit different types of kayak users.

Inflatable Kayak vs Rigid Kayak! Which Is better? Let’s Find Out!

inflatable kayak vs rigid kayak

There are a lot of different opinions about what is better, an inflatable kayak vs Rigid Kayak? Both have their pros and cons. Many people are under the impression inflatable kayaks are bad quality and puncture easily. That is not the case. You can buy an excellent quality inflatable kayak specially designed for just about any type of kayaking, such as white water rafting. fishing, tandem, etc.

We are going to break it down for you into key areas to help you decide for yourself which is better? Inflatable Kayaks vs Rigid Kayak.


Size & Convenience

inflatable kayak vs rigid kayak

Rigid kayaks are much heavier and more difficult to transport than inflatable kayaks. Inflatable kayaks are generally sold with carrying cases and deflate into a small carry bag, no larger than your standard grocery carry bag. This takes away the need for tow trailers and roof racks. Simply pop the kayak (carry case) into the trunk of your car and off you go. This make so convenient an hassle free to bring your kayak with you on family trips or even to the beach for the day.  Inflatable kayaks are better suited to those with limited storage space. For example if you live in an apartment, you will need to rent a space or maybe store the hard-shelled kayak at a friends house. However, if you have a decent sized garage and space is not an option then both the hard-shelled kayak and inflatable kayak will both work for you. Does this make it clear who wins between the Inflatable kayak vs rigid kayak? No, lets look a little deeper.



inflatable kayak vs rigid kayakThere are a large number good quality low entry cost kayaks available for both hard-shelled kayaks and inflatable kayaks. In general, inflatable kayaks tends to be much cheaper due to the material, etc.  But prices vary and you can easily spend equally as much on a inflatable kayak than a hard-shelled kayak. However an equally priced inflatable kayak will will be a higher spec compared to the hard-shelled kayak Basic inflatable kayaks generally cost far less than rigid kayaks. prices can vary dramatically for both inflatable and rigid kayaks but prices will vary depending on the quality, specs, accessories, etc. Are convinced now which is better suited for you and wins, Inflatable kayak vs rigid kayak? The next point is where the rigid kayak takes the crown.


 Overall Performance

inflatable kayak vs rigid kayak

Rigid kayaks will generally perform better. Although they are heavier, they are still usually a lot faster, easier to control and maneuverable compared to inflatable kayaks. The added buoyancy gives inflatable kayaks that extra bit of stability and harder to tip over. One of the biggest faults with an inflatable kayak is it’s performance in windy conditions. You will find them an little more difficult to control compared to the heavier rigid kayak.  A good example of this will be using an inflatable kayak in the ocean. A calm summers day on a lake will be ideal for a recreation paddle in an inflatable kayak.



inflatable kayak vs rigid kayakWe hope we helped you decide which kayak is better suited for you, Inflatable kayak vs rigid kayak. Just remember you are choosing a kayak for yourself. You need to choose the right kayak for how you intend to use it. If you are a beginner or buying your first ever kayak, then an inflatable kayak may be the best choice for you. It’s low entry costs is very appealing and will give you a great understanding of what you want and need from kayaking.




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